2016 Kids


2016 kid pricing..

if they are for sale the bucklings are $250.  The doelings are $300. 

We will wean in July.

The kids need to be purchased in pairs. 

The bucklings can be wethered and will be $125 as a wether.

This is just a sample of the 2015 kids...There are more.

There are some very nice white color carrier bucklings that are priced at $175 each

These pictures are my 2015 kids. I am rebuilding my web site if you want to see the 2016 kids

go to:www.prairielakefarm.com.wordpress.com



                      PLF Lara                        

Sire PLF Harry

Dam PLF Eva

DOB 4/21/15

Red dark belly

She has been sold

 claudia kids

PLF Claudia's Kids

Sire PLF Harry

DOB 5/4/15

Cream colored girl

Stripped Gray pattern on boy

The buckling will be for sale


PLF Lucien

Dam:PLF Eleanor

Sire: BM Lightning

DOB 3/28/15

Reverse badger, white spot



PLF Gillian's girl

Sire: BM Lightning

DOB 3/30/15

Red cheek

She will not be for sale


PLF Eleanor's girl

Sire: BM Lightning

DOB 3/28/15

No pattern black with white spot

She will not be for sale




PLF Gillian's boy

Sire: BM Lightning

DOB 3/30/15

Red Cheek





PLF Jenna's boy

Sire: PLF Jeremy

DOB 4/3/15

Red dark belly

He will be for sale




TOP Tulip's boy

Sire BM Lightning

DOB 4/4/15

This is a form of red



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