Goats for sale - bucks 2015

The herd has been tested for CAE,CL and Johne's.

Jackson, Harry and Cash will have offspring arriving at the end of March 2015.

I have Nine (9) 2014 bucklings growing up.  I cannot use that many... some will be for sale.  If you are looking for a nice breeding buck there are some coming along very nicely. 

The prices are asking prices.  I will entertain any reasonable offer.

Jackson    640x428

PLF Jackson $400         

Tag # PLF 185 

Sire: BM Lightning

Dam: PLF Gillian



Registered as a Reverse Badger 

BeFunky DSC 2461.jpg

PLF Harry      

Tag# PLF 111

Sire: Hill Columbus

Dam: PLF Faith

DOB: 4/22/11

He is CAGBA registered

as a Solid White

Harry is not for sale he is here so you can see an adult Columbus son.

BeFunky DSC 2180.jpg

GF Cash     $300

Tag# GF 118

Sire: PLF Gretzky

Dam: GF Annabelle

DOB: 5/8/12

He is a Black and white


2015 Yearling Bucks

The pictures are from early April 2015, just before they were sheared



PLF Kaboom $400        


Tag # PLF 301 


Sire: PLF Heath


Dam: PLF Gillian


DOD: 3/10/14

CAGBA Registered as a Solid white... but he has a black nose,toes, and ears & horns.  He will breed as a w-t. 




PLF Kajackpot $400        


Tag # PLF 323 


Sire: PLF Gretzky


Dam: PLF Eleanor


DOD: 4/23/14


CAGBA Registered as a Black lightbelly, white spots




PLF Kaleb     NFS        


Tag # PLF 327


Sire: KAIR Luther


Dam: PLF Hazel


DOD: 4/15/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid Taupe/silvery brown




PLF Kamando $400        


Tag # PLF 329 


Sire: KAIR Luther


Dam: WL Lano


DOD: 3/10/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid Taupe/silvery brown




RCF Kasper     NFS        


Tag # 683


Sire: AAGBA Frost


Dam: RCF Mona Lisa


DOD: 3/20/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid white




PLF Kato       NFS        


Tag # PLF 319 


Sire: KAIR Luther


Dam: PLF Claudia


DOD: 4/8/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid taupe / silvery brown




PLF Kazaam    $400        


Tag # PLF 305 


Sire: PLF Heath


Dam: GF Callista


DOD: 3/6/14


CAGBA Registered as a Red lightbelly




PLF Kojack   SOLD        


Tag # PLF 303 


Sire: PLF Heath


Dam: PLF Galaxy


DOD: 3/6/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid medium red



TOP Kristoff-Fezzik NFS         


Tag # PLF 1411 


Sire: AAGBA Columbus


Dam: CSPN Bonita


DOD: 3/1/14


CAGBA Registered as a Solid white